Published on April 16, 2021 by admin
just 60 seconds a day, place your thumb on iCare to look over your health condition, including 15 feature indexes such as ECG, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate,etc.




Mr. White has high blood pressure. However, by using iCare while rigorously following a medication schedule and healthy diet, he has successfully lowered his blood pressure by an average of 5% and heart rate by 12.2%.


With a dedicated team of AI Engineers and Health Professionals, the founders combined their decades of experience to create the world’s smallest Cardiovascular Tester.

After trial run, 40% of our users have successfully obtained abnormal results, while the other 60% maintains a healthy lifestyle with iCare.

A normal blood oxygen level is typically between 95 and 100 %. Please pay more attention if the index is lower 95%.

Besides physical health measurement data, emotion indexessuch as fatigue and pressure are also provided to help you realize if you are extremely tired or under pressure for long period of time. With AI analysis combining these two data to get body age and help you adjust living condition in time.


iCare also forms big data on the professions of dietitians and medical staff, providing personalized recipes and lifestyle suggestions through AI analysis.


iCare’s measurement records to the doctor and assist the doctor to evaluate your health status.







To take care of the health, both body and mind must be effectively paid careful attention to. People who are overworked and stressed often cannot realize that they arein the state of overloaded.
Through using iCare, they can be alert in time and remind themselves to adjust their pace of life.


iCare can detect early abnormal parts of heart, alerting users to seek preventive treatment and make lifestyle adjustments.


iCare uses big data to analyze each user’s health condition.

Over 4000 users have benefited from these early warnings and took preventive care to maintain healthy lifestyles.


Better precision than existing smart bracelets, iCare is the ultimate health metric tracker.

iCare combines premium photoelectric sensors and electrodes to accurately monitor key health metrics.