Published on March 11, 2017 by admin

NEW PERK: Add Color to your Vortex!

We have sold out our Small Tabletop Vortex! If you missed out on that, don’t worry – we are launching a new perk for Tabletop Vortex – this time in color!

Also, there’s an “Upgrade” perk if you already bought a “standard” Vortex, but would like to add a little color to it!

NEW PERK: Spanish Experience!

Flamenco Dance Class

Paella with the founders


Imagine a wind turbine. What if we remove the blades?

-It will need less material, allowing us to provide electricity to more people at a lower cost while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. It won’t kill birds and it won’t make noise. Stop imagining – here comes Vortex!