Published on September 1, 2019 by admin
For People Who Get Sh*t Done
For People Who Get Sh*t Done

We spend a lot of time typing on our smartphones: writing emails, sending messages, and replying to comments on social media. While there are some keyboard apps that improve the screen-typing experience, a physical keyboard remains the best way to type on any electronic device.

Unfortunately for keyboard fans, there are only a few smartphones with keyboards to choose from and those tend to be older brands that lack the style, features and convenience that modern digital lifestyles require.

That’s why we, Unihertz, created the all new, Titan. After two successful Kickstarter campaigns with over 20,000 backers, we are back with our latest launch – Titan the ultimate QWERTY phone for people who get things done! Titan is an unbreakable and versatile smartphone for working professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and QWERTY lovers.

Ultimate Smartphone for Business People and Outdoor Lovers