Published on April 16, 2021 by admin


We found that many people -including ourselves- wear our overstimulation as a badge of honor; The more we do, the “better”. We want to steer away from that socially constructed mindset and wanted to create a tool to help remind us to slow things down, be more mindful, present, and overall more aware in our day-to-day.



For centuries and throughout different cultures around the globe, the egg has symbolized life, wealth, and promise. Our goal was to use natural materials that can work in harmony with the egg’s simple yet captivating symbology and design.



Balancing at 17mm wide and 23.38mm tall, the Thinking Egg has been ergonomically designed to feel great in your hands while being extremely portable.







The Thinking Egg II is now available in five natural materials that hold specific properties. We encourage customers to choose the Thinking Egg/s they can relate to most based on their specific metaphysical qualities.



Whichever reward you select, we’re providing all our early adopters a discounted rate, only available here on Indiegogo. You’ll be able to select which Thinking Egg/s you’d like to receive in our post-campaign backer survey.



This month three years ago we launched our very first campaign called the Thinking Egg. Having more than 4,500 supports from all parts of the world supporting our mission and design was remarkable.

Fast forward to today – we’ve shipped over 100,000 Thinking Eggs to over 80 countries.  We’re incredibly excited for all our supporters to experience the Thinking Egg II and to continue our mission of promoting self-health and wellness through the products we create.





This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been fortunate enough to receive funding and deliver ahead of schedule on our past two campaigns. We’ll aim to continue that very same tradition comes fulfillment time for your Thinking Eggs.



At Orijin Design Company, we strive to slow things down and intentionally think about designs and systems that can be made better. In a world inundated with information and stimuli, we aim to harmoniously intertwine form and function, making designs and systems that provide for the space to be present and aware in our daily lives.

We’re very excited to share The Thinking Egg II with the Indiegogo community and to create a community of our own composed of individuals that desire to slow down, be more mindful, present, and overall – more aware in our day-to-day.