Published on March 6, 2017 by admin

We have worked 3 years to develop the technology to make it really easy for brands to integrate power sensors into their crank sets. Be it as an arm-based sensor, spider-based sensor or a spindle-based. The core electronics and software algorithms are available and well understood through co-development with leading brands.

This has taught us a bunch of things about the bike industry and power meters that we want to change:

  • Testing by pro riders may be extreme in power and intensity, but it’s not as diverse as the riders actually buying the products
  • The difference between power meter algorithms surface when they are put in real life situations
  • That is why the results generated by the pro riders testing our technology for the brands, is not nearly good enough for us

Team ZWATT will change this by crowd sourcing the data collection to help take power meter technology to the next level.

  • Better algorithms
  • Better price
  • Better products that works better for your style of riding

These power meter models are being built specifically for Team ZWATT to gather data on the different models and to fit a wide variety of users and bikes.