SoftServe VoiceMyBot

Published on January 29, 2017 by admin

SoftServe’s VoiceMyBot is an innovative chatbot with a voice interface enabling access to all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings from a single place, by using voice commands, without actual code integrations.
From now on, you (well Alexa) can talk with your HipChat bots.

Unlike common personal assistant apps, VoiceMyBot allows you to configure the type of information/updates you’d like to receive, from any extension without additional integration. And as it’s open source you can also add integrations of your own.

Teams often use Atlassian’s HipChat to communicate and enabling users to interact with devices in a more intuitive way (via voice), VoiceMyBot makes it possible to perform a variety of tasks, including:
– Providing voice notifications from all Atlassian HipChat marketplace listings, without actual code integrations
– Choosing the users whose updates and posts you don’t want to miss
– Building and deploying source code at your voice command
– Pinging your website or web service
– Sending fast responses to messages
– Providing a brief summary of all new messages and site status updates

The second part of the “perfect assistant” equation is Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo. VoiceMyBot connects your Alexa to HipChat. On connecting Alexa to your chatbot, you can give her a variety of commands and receive only relevant information in return.

Technology and software applications are driving evolution on an individual, cultural, and social level. As software becomes integral to the way we live, the boundary between our tools and intuition will vanish, but people will always be in control. At SoftServe, we will continue to drive this evolution.