Published on May 9, 2017 by admin


Quell is 100% drug free wearable technology that has changed the lives of people suffering with chronic pain. It combines clinical strength neurostimulation to treat pain with an easy-to-use app that helps people manage pain and reclaim their lives. Quell is doctor recommended and designed for people with chronic back pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain, among other chronic pain conditions.

Quell is designed to work with you. Wear it for an hour or all day and night to get the relief you need. Regardless of where in your body you are experiencing pain, Quell is worn on the upper calf. Quell stimulates sensory nerves, sending neural pulses to your brain and triggering a natural response that blocks chronic pain signals in your body.

The Quell Relief App enables unprecedented personalization and control of therapy. Users can optimize their individual therapy and measure progress on multiple unique health dimensions including pain, activity, therapy and sleep.