Published on September 7, 2017 by admin

In the normal headset mode, Hushme connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and you can use it as hands-free headset while speaking on the phone or listening to music.

In the passive voice muffling mode, Hushme is locked over the mouth using magnetic coupling. This mode is provided by the innovative insulation materials, that are embedded inside the mask, by the extra soft cushion muffs and by the special sound-absorbing paint, that covers the whole inner surface of the device. So, people at the distance of 3 feet cannot decipher your words, while your speech is transmitted to the other end undistorted thanks to sensitive built-in microphone.

The cushion muffs are replaceable, so you can remove it in order to clean or to replace with new muffs.

The size-adjusting system allows to set up the right size of the mask so it could fit any face.

The active voice masking mode is provided by the electronics, which is located in the headband, and by the proprietary algorithms. Pressing the button activates the outer speakers, that are located on the perimeter of the mask, – these speakers will generate masking sounds.



According to the research by American Speech-Language-Hearing Associacion, the volume of a normal speech is 50-60 dB. Thanks to the insulating properties of its body, Hushme in passive mode is capable to lower some to 25 dB. Thus, the volume of the resulting sound using the mask will be approximately 25-30 dB, which corresponds to a whisper or noise level in a quiet library. Still one can decipher a whisper too if one wants to eavesdrop on you. In this case, we recommend using the active voice masking mode.

In the active voice masking mode, 4 speakers located on the outer surface of the device are activated, and the mask starts to produce a preset sound. A special algorithm modulates this sound relative to the intensity of your voice: the mask “is silent” when you are silent, it raises or lowers the volume or pauses completely following your voice. This masking sound adds approximately 12 dB. Thus, the resulting noise when using the active mode will be approximately 35-40 dB, which corresponds to the noise level in a quiet room.

Finally, for maximum efficiency of the device, we recommend to lower the voice when you speak over the phone using Hushme, then you will ultimately protect your speech privacy and still will be heard perfectly well on the other end.