Published on April 16, 2018 by admin

Nightingale is the first smart home sleep system clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster. Our patented sleep technology masks disruptive indoor and outdoor noises that may keep you awake.

Designed by acoustical engineers, Nightingale features patented sound blankets engineered to mask disruptive indoor and outdoor noises. Sound blankets are gentle airflow-like noise that is more comfortable and effective than white noise. Two speakers on each unit create more uniform sound masking coverage for increased effectiveness and acoustical comfort.

Nightingale is the first smart home sleep system that can be controlled from your smartphone, PC, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, Nightingale integrates with smart home products like Hue, Nest and Ring via IFTTT. Nightingale can be automatically scheduled to fit your sleep schedule and busy life.

What noises can Nightingale mask?

Common household sounds masked

In Bedroom Noises
• snoring
• text message beep
• computer
• whispers
• ticking watch

Inside Noises
• talking
• TV
• video games
• dishwasher
• crying baby

Outside Noises
• rustling leaves
• moderate rainfall
• birds chirping
• freeway traffic
• lawnmower