Published on July 17, 2017 by admin

The MeCam NeoMe. Quite simply the smallest, lightest and most versatile wearable video camera on the market. It is 1.6 inches square, and less than an ounce. That small size and weight gives you versatility. Clip it on or put it in your pocket and go.

With four standard mounts, the MeCam Neo gives you the option for the first time to shoot in first person POV (Clip Mount/Magnet Mount) or shoot yourself in third person POV(magnet, suction, sticky mount). Additionally, our waterproof case (compatible with all third party action camera mounts) lets you capture any action sports and activities. So wear it, stick it somewhere or mount it….the possibilities are endless like your life!
Our high-quality Sony sensor makes sure that everything you capture is in crisp HD resolution (Full 1080P and 8MP). Our fully integrated smart phone app gives you the ability to shoot time lapse photography (5 options), one touch 15 second capture and social sharing, and the option to shoot in Wide Angle.

Wear it

Clip mount included