Published on March 28, 2017 by admin

At Konica Minolta, we’re committed to finding innovative solutions for healthcare organizations. We know the healthcare system is faced with many challenges. Cost of care is increasing at a staggering rate, with chronic illness account for 50 percent of national healthcare spending. Providers are being challenged to streamline care and reduce costs with new reimbursement programs, and those who do not meet quality standards face steep penalties. Furthermore, consumerism continues to rise, with patients demanding more immediate and convenient access to care.

The solution? Telehealth. Telehealth allows your organization to streamline services by leveraging technology in the clinical setting, providing patients access to their care remotely from their home computers, laptops and mobile devices.

The things that used to require frequent trips such as follow-up appointments, post-birth support, even the highly expensive strain of chronic disease management, can now be handled remotely.
Rural and poor urban communities can secure mental health services they once lacked. Virtual clinics can be made available to schools that can no longer afford an onsite clinician. Providers experience less overhead, less crowding and less demand on staff, all resulting in lower costs.

From small practices to large health systems, telehealth is rapidly increasing in use. Be among those working to innovate the delivery of care with virtual care management powered by SnapMD from Konica Minolta. The complete solution offers a new point of care environment. On-demand and scheduled appointments become easy with virtual care management Cloud-based platform. Paired with the backing of full HIPAA and HITECH compliance, its technology delivers ease of use and peace of mind security to both provider and patient. It functions on a variety web browsers and on virtually any iOS or Android device, ensuring you can achieve the most collaborative and cost-effective care.

Virtual Care Management powered by SnapMD features a rich, easy-to-use interface, allowing your patients to consult with providers via HD videoconferencing and chat communication for a simple and enjoyable experience. The system also gives providers the ability to collaborate without the patient being present. Start a voice or chat session, or use a multi-provider video consult.

Designed on a self-consuming API construct, the virtual care management platform easily integrates with existing systems, such as EHRs, to make sure workflows are kept intact, and ensures patient data is readily available to the provider, no matter what system they’re working in.

Providers can private label both the web and mobile applications, so it will be the provider’s trusted brand that the patient will see.