Published on March 28, 2017 by admin

Data keeps businesses running these days. And with the amount of data growing exponentially every year, the need for large data centers has increased.

Fire suppression in data centers can be challenging due to the high airflow and the increased power density of servers.

HI-FOG®, renowned for its ability to control, suppress and cool fires, is ideal for these critical facilities as it can efficiently function in ventilated conditions and narrow spaces under the raised floor of a data center.

FM Approvals has identified the increased fire risk in data centers and upgraded its FM Standard 5560 to include new fire test protocols. HI-FOG® is the first high-pressure water mist system to fulfill the new standards and receive FM Approvals Certificate for protecting data halls and subfloors from fire.

The animation demonstrates how HI-FOG® protects data halls and subfloors in data centers. Enjoy!

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