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Introduction to Hanwha Advanced Materials Witness how Hanwha Advanced Materials is becoming a world leader in automobile components and lightweight composite materials. Since 1986, Hanwha Advanced Materials has manufactured a wide range of market-leading automobile components using high-strength, ultra-lightweight materials, helping to pioneer today’s global trends in eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles. Established in late 2015, Hanwha Advanced Materials Mexico produces some cutting-edge products in world-class quality: StrongLite – 70% market share of glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic (GMT) – Applied to bumper beams and seatback frames SuperLite – No.1 global market share of low weight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT) – Applied to headliners, sun visors and underbody shields Bufflite – Expanded polypropylene (EPP) Based on its extensive global network and specialized proprietary technologies, Hanwha Advanced Materials is committed to achieve its vision to become “the global leader in lightweight composite materials and automobile components.”