Published on June 21, 2019 by admin

Rice need not be unhealthy and could be nutritious if something was done to reduce it’s high Glycemic Load (GL).

In response to ever-growing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease epidemics, Grayns ™ has developed its rice cooker with an ingenious technology that scientifically and precisely cooks starchy foods like rice, potatoes, pasta, and other grains that removes excess, unhealthy sugars and significantly lowers Glycemic Load (GL).



Overview of How it Works:


Cook Healthier & Feel Better with Grayns Rice Cooker:

  • Glycaemic Load — Lab test show a 35% reduction of the glycemic load to levels suitable for a diabetic diet and prevention of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
  • Maintains Nutrients — Unlike conventional cookers, Grayns cooks rice thoroughly but does not reach boiling temperature which allows harmful starches to dissolve while retaining vital nutrients.
  • Feel Full Longer — Not all carbohydrates are created equal, with Grayns retaining the slowly digestible starches (SDS) which eliminate full feeling sugar spikes and hungry feeling dips.
  • More Energy — Slowly digestible starches (SDS) are gradually digested and more slowly released into your bloodstream, providing you higher energy levels for longer.
  • Any Starchy Foods — Grayns is not just for rice, cook other starchy high RDS foods like potatoes, pasta, noodles and other grains like quinoa, millet, cous cous etc.

Cook Precisely & Automatically with Grayns Rice Cooker:

  • Customization — In addition to presets for different types of grains of rice, you can also personalize your cooking to how soft or moist you prefer, and then save your favorite settings to memory.
  • Sensomatic™ Cooking — Automatically “senses” the optimum cooking settings for different varieties of rice and automatically cooks to their unique optimal requirements.
  • Intelligent Interface — Easily navigate to your favorite saved settings or use Grayns user-friendly default settings for temperature and moisture settings.
  • Better Texture — Creates fluffier rice with 50-70% more rice volume by completely gelatinizing and expanding each grain, allowing 3 cups of rice to easily feed 5-6 people.
  • Perfectly Cooked — Microprocessor and Sensomatic technology provides accurate heat sensing that enables cooking a variety of sugar-reduced rice effectively and automatically.