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Meet Dobot Magician! The 2nd generation of Dobot’s robotic arm for your desktop! Get details here:…

Breaking news: Dobot M1, the new industrial robotic arm for you to startup business will launch on Kickstarter in the middle of November, please leave feedback and bookmark to grab early bird price here:…

We are recruiting local distributors now, no matter where are you from, please contact our sells manager or call 0086 755 36851911 directly to get more details.

We give distributors: Margin profit, good products(Now and future), marketing&tech support, global marketing, signing contract, issuing authorization, right to establish sub-resellers, sales leads,etc.

At the same time we would expect our distributors to :Market the products, try the best to achieve sales target(decided together), give local support to endusers,and keep proper stock to insure quick delivery,which includes an initial stock order upon contract.

====== Introduction ======

Dobot Magician is the second generation of high precision 4-axis robotic arm for desktops, developed and produced by Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co., Ltd. It is multi-functional and has unibody design, bringing everyone the fun only technology can create. It is also easy to develop with its multiple extension ports and visualized programming environment, making it a very useful tool for both hardware lovers and coding beginners.

Functions & Features:
3D printing
Writing & drawing
Laser engraving
Picking & sucking
Handhold teaching
Multi-Dobot cooperation
Offline mode

Unibody design
High precision & stability
End Tool quick switch
Easy to operate with DobotStudio
Rich extension ports for external modules
Visualized programming environment