Published on March 15, 2017 by admin

What is Check-my-Temp?

Imagine … just imagine

  • A thermometer that continuously monitors fever so you and your loved ones can rest easy
  • A thermometer that sends real time alerts and updates so you can monitor from anywhere, anytime
  • A thermometer that tells you if your loved one is awake or has fallen so you can quickly attend to them
  • A thermometer that lets you record symptoms and medication to create a complete medical profile
  • A thermometer that records fever history for your doctor
  • A thermometer that will allow you to connect with other users so you can build a healthier community

Check-my-Temp, a wearable thermometer, does just that and a bit more. With our passion, your support and a shared vision for a healthier world, let’s redefine thermometers for ever.