Published on August 2, 2017 by admin

The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and audio quality. These award-winning earbuds are completely free from cords. Enjoy your favorite music without distracting cables, answer incoming calls without putting your phone to your ear and have your voice-activated digital assistant at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

The cutting-edge true wireless stereo (TWS) technology of the Avanca Minim enables you to use your mobile device with one (mono) or two (stereo) earbuds. It’s up to you!

The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds come with a stylish storage and charging capsule. This beautiful aluminium housing not only protects your earbuds while not in use, it also holds a charging unit with a 400mAh battery. Simply place the earbuds in the capsule and they will be charged on the go. The charging capsule provides up to 3 full charges, which equals no less than 12 hours of audio time!

Listen to music

Whether you are a fan of jazz, pop or house music, these earbuds are up to the task. They work flawlessly with music apps such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Groove. The single touch control button enables you to change the volume and to skip or rewind songs without the need to take out your phone from your bag, purse or pocket.

The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are engineered with a superior wireless connectivity solution and equipped with the latest generation CSR® Bluetooth 4.2 chipset to ensure an impeccable performance. Combined with first-class speaker drivers and a balanced frequency curve these earbuds produce the warm and full stereo sound you are looking for when listening to your favorite playlist.