Published on June 5, 2017 by admin

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If you are looking for 100% wire-free home video monitoring, the new Arlo Pro Wire-free HD Security Camera System has you covered. One of the great features of the Arlo Pro System is the new and improved Arlo Pro Base Station.

The Arlo Pro Base Station features a smaller look as well as a host of useful new features. For an added level of protection for unexpected situations in which you would need to take action right away, the Arlo Pro Base Station features an extremely loud siren that is rated at 100+ decibel loudness.

In case you need to alert or scare someone away, you can activate the siren remotely with the Alarm button right from the Arlo app or configure Arlo Modes to automatically trigger the siren when motion or audio is detected. For example, if your Arlo cameras detects motion and it happens to be a burglar, use the siren to scare the unwelcome intruder away.

While Arlo Pro comes with seven days of free cloud storage, you may want to also record video footage directly to local storage.
Arlo Pro lets you connect an external USB storage device directly to the base station. This allows you to locally backup your recordings while at the same time recording video to the Arlo cloud.

Simply connect the external drive to the USB port on the base station and follow the setup instructions on the Arlo app to setup local backup storage. In order to view the footage on the storage device, simply plug it into a computer and play the video clips.

All Arlo Wire-free cameras and base stations work together which means you can mix and match Arlo Pro with other Arlo Wire-free products you’re already using.

Sync new Arlo Pro cameras with an existing base station or use the Arlo Pro base station with your existing wire-free cameras.
Or, if you prefer you can also mix and match existing wire-free cameras with new ones using either of the two base stations
With the Arlo Pro Wire-free HD Security Cameras, adding to your Arlo Smart Home Security System is fast and easy.