Published on March 28, 2017 by admin

Introducing All Covered Workspaces, a versatile, flexible and scalable virtual desktop solution, enabling users to access their desktop apps and data from any internet-connected device. Learn more:…

The workplace is expanding. Clients are more demanding. Mobile and wireless capabilities keep advancing. The virtual office environment has long since broken down the walls of how and when business is conducted. It no longer makes sense to confine your business applications, or your employees, to their desks.

The latest innovations in mobile, wireless and cloud-based technologies offer the employees the flexibility to work from any location, on any device with an internet connection. But IT managers face a never-ending cycle of managing the current IT infrastructure while looking for newer and better technologies to give employees greater and more secure access, all while keeping costs in check.

All Covered Workspaces can free you from the confines of the office by offering a single end-to-end managed desktop service that combines apps, email, file management and support services directly from the cloud.

Your data will be hosted in All Covered’s state of the art, highly secured data centers. Employees simply log on to the All Covered Workspaces cloud-based portal from the internet-connected device of their choice. There they will see an exact replica of their desktop and have access to the data and applications they need. Best of all, All Covered Workspaces allows employees to pick up right where they left off, giving them access to the files they worked on during the day, long after they’ve powered down their computers.

IT Managers can centrally deliver, manage and support applications from the cloud, a versatile, scalable and flexible solution that allows the system to adapt to the company’s current and future needs. Security comes built in with virus and data protection and storage in secure cloud servers.

All Covered Workspaces is an all-in-one solution that increases efficiency and mobility while saving costs, providing a competitive advantage for you and your business.